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Cultural Taste and Takeaway Update!
Posted 3/13/19

Due to Freshman Orientation on Monday, April 1st at Airline High School, our Cultural Taste & Takeaway event has been changed to Tuesday, April 2nd at 6pm. Venue, time, etc., remain the same.   


Cultural Taste and Takeaway Update!
 Ladies and Gentlemen,


NOW WE HAVE T-SHIRTS FOR THE CULTURAL TASTE AND TAKEAWAY!!! The t-shirts are here for the Cultural Taste and Takeaway and they are awesome looking. They can be purchased in the library for $15. We have sizes from Youth Small to Adult 3XL. 


The Cultural Taste and Takeaway sign up has gone amazingly so far! The countries already represented are Italy (x3), Mexico (x3), Japan (x3), France (x3), Ireland (x2), Philippines (x2), China (x2), Nigeria (x2), Russia (x2), Bolivia (x2),   Pakistan (x2), Germany, Austria, Colombia, South Korea, Bahamas,Jamaica, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Uganda, Palestine, Puerto Rico, Uganda, Turkey, Spain, Rwanda, Laos, Venezuela, South Africa, Vietnam, USA - Southern Region,  and Scotland. There are some overlapping of countries, but we are limiting the overlap to no more than 3.


For the food part of the event we're thinking 75 to 100 samples. The samples are not a full serving. Bite size samples.


The report is more of a presentation and it is infographic. Something visual that can be on the table and the students can see and read and learn something about the culture. Remember, read means very short statements. Most students are not going to want to read a long "book report" type wording.


We're thinking the event will last a couple of hours. This is the first time we will being doing the event so we're not sure at all. It's just a guess.


The passport will be given at the door and the student will walk around the gym touring the other "countries" and learning about the other cultures. Each table will have a stamp for the passport. All students will be able to participate in this part of the event. Including the ones doing the presentations.


Students may partner with another student for the presentation. If they do partner, there cannot be more than three students in a group, all three can share the report but must make three different food dishes, and all partners and parents must sign on the same signup sheet.


If you have any other questions please see Coach Horton in Room 12 or email him at


If you would like to sign up for this amazing opportunity, please see the flyers below!!